Business cards are challenging because they represent YOU. You have a couple of seconds to present yourself, so you'd better be good! Clean and simple. Legible. Only the most important information. If you are a Realtor®, you'll want to use a photo that represents how you look  today, not when you graduated high school. I'm serious. Your customers and clients will need to recognize you when you show up! Personal or calling cards are different. I created Mommy cards and Daddy cards for exchanging at playgroups or classes. They're terrific gifts! How great is it not to have to scramble for a pen  or write on a diaper? Or your wrist? Great for social gatherings, too. The old "call me sometime" takes on new panache when you flash your personal calling card! Get yours today! Thank you cards and little notes are neat gifts, too. I'll work with you to design your personal  notes. You'll get a disc with the file to take to your printer, or I can email it directly for you! Simple! Just click on any image you’d like to enlarge